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Motorcycle courses (A/A1/A2)

We run motorcycle courses in cooperation with Epic Driving School. ❤️ Find out more about our training offer and register for courses via the link below.

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Sign up on our website. The theoretical studies of the course are conveniently handled in an electronic learning environment at a pace defined by you, and you can start as soon as your enrolment has been approved.

B-courses from 699€

In us, a student only pays for the kind of teaching he or she needs. No expenses hidden in packages.

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Driving instruction can be completed with a simulator, a normal car, a manual transmission, an automatic, or even by freely combining all of these. We have not tied driving hours as unnecessary packages. 💎

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The best possible driving instructors, advanced teaching methods and a supportive and developing atmosphere are an integral part of our driving school. 💜


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Fair and transparent pricing

With us, you only pay for the kind of tuition you need. No hidden costs in the packages.


Our offices are located in Tapiola, Matinkylä, Espoonlahti and Espoon Keskus. You are free to take the course at your preferred location, or even combine them all.

All categories of driving licences

With us, students can complete all driving licence classes from mopeds to trucks and from there to professional qualifications.

The teaching was really good in both theory and driving lessons. The school was completed quickly and new classes, simulators and exams could be booked efficiently.

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